Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Debut

She thinks that she knows everything when all she does is zap out her smart phone and uses the internet to find what she has suddent enlightenment about.

She is a pseudo connoisseur,perhaps. Food. Books. Music.

A wannaabe adrenaline junkie.

She is fairly open about the fact that hates people and is an introvert,but somehow she is sweet to everyone to the point of seeming docile. Her fiesty behaviour -comes out only with people she knows well or trusts.

She is an interovert,though,I have to give her that.

She lacks motivation at times,she is a procrastinator and has lost her ability to multi-task,at least juggling family issues and work.

She is there for people,perhaps on a superficial level for she is connected to a handful.

She can be a pushover but should not be pushed around for she does come with a strong flairs of temper.

She does not love herself much-so it seems but doubt is the case- for she has these bouts of polarised mood swings-they are not healthy.

She strives for approval though she does not really care for peoples' opinions.
She is a juxtaposition in herself.

She has her good qualitities like littered vices-empathy,courage,ambition-not overvaulting,like it did seem at one point-she is too concerned about balance and her ability to love people unconditionally.

She rationalises and writes,plans and becomes anxious.

She wants to do the right thing but that does not lead to happiness for her-at times and she is coming to terms with that and also how being selfish is a virtue.

One cannot really make anyone they love happy unless they love themselves and are happy.

She is becoming comfortable in her skin,gradually.


  1. ditto for wannabe adrenaline junkie, introvert, lacks motivation, procraster, strives for approval even though doesn't care and littered vices huh? I guess

    "One cannot really make anyone they love happy unless they love themselves and are happy." - That's totally true. Self-inflicting pain (intended or not) can never be happy

    Blogging will make that transition easy. Believe me! Everytime i blog i feel like i am re-discovering myself

  2. Hey,
    Am unable to reply to your comments,for some reason.
    Anyway,i am hoping that you will be able to see this
    Thanks and i have done the incrporation now
    I hope so:)

    1. I did :)
      Do blog more frequently and check mine sometime

  3. Hey:)
    I am trying.
    Trying times.
    Also,i have done that,i am reading your latest.
    Will start interaction now.

  4. I am unable to comment on your posts