Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Contradiction in Expectations.

How does one move away from expecting?

Does everyone feel angry and irritated and unable to focus on anything else because things do not pan out the way you wanted them to?

Is it just me?

Anger brings resentment. Undeserved.

Does it all just arise from the fact that I might be what you can call a control freak?

So,is it better just to not expect and always assume the worst or at least the bad of the bad parts-so as to be pleasantly surprised.

But then i read something so painfully beautiful,the other day,do not let anyone suffer from the poverty of expectation.

There lies a contradiction,one that i do not understand as of yet.

I am hoping that there would be a middle ground.

To be or not to be.

Something that will restore balance.


  1. As for me it is always better to assume the worst and be pleasantly surprised because the middle ground that you want to reach is the step above this...surely your own sense of trust will get you to that middleground without you noticing :)

    you write wonderfully how come you dont have a Follow by email gadget or Google's Friend Connect?

  2. Yes,hopefully it will come gradually or has already but is transient:)
    Now,i have.
    Was new to blogger.