Monday, 27 January 2014

She had the last laugh.

She was the reason why he took the plunge.
She was there when he came back from purgatory.
She was always waiting for him near the grocery shop.
She was there when he came back after being rejected for the fifth time.
She was there when his fiancée broke up with him.
She was there when he broke down.
She was waiting for him when he tried to take his life.
Slowly,she unravelled him when he took her to his lips. 
She travelled into him and rot him away. 
She had the last laugh when he died a slow painful death of liver cirrhosis.


First attempt at Haiku. More like a Senryu.

It is useless if you are hurting for 
love will find a way.
So soon.

Useless to mend a fence
when you're having an affair.
With the neighbour.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Life and Rain

She cussed as she got out of the car. It had come to a halt after a screeching noise. A flat tyre. 

He could not see a thing from across the windshield. It was pouring torrentially. 

She called him and asked him for help. 

This is where she had called him.

It had been over an hour and it was raining,now. She was reading when she heard a thumping noise being added to the gushing water noises. 

He got out of the car in order to take a better look. He moved a yard ahead,only to be confronted by a man with a glazed look in his eyes. He was holding something long.

She was getting uneasy. The thumping noise could bot possibly be of the rain but she was afraid of getting wet,hail gave her bruises.

He did not see her. He tried but all he could muster was darkness.

She forced herself to step out,trying to sheild herself by holding a book over her head. She walked a few steps away from the car,on instinct and stumbled over something warm. 
Screaming,as she realised that it was a body. She ran towards the door when a strange scene met her eyes-a man was using her car as a trampoline.. 
He was holding a head.. It had to be a doll.. 
She was violently sick when she realised that it was a severed head. 
She fainted when she realised that it was him.

The loon from the asylum,watched her with glee as he showed off his prize. He was fascinated by how quickly the book soaked and floated away. 

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Flash Fiction-55:)

He gave the deftly cut meat a butter bath in the pan. 
Her kitchen smelled,he smiled ruefully as he remembered how they fought nearly everyday. Not anymore. But,little did she know that he loved her so much that he could never ever let her be,she was his-he cut through her flesh again to sear it.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Strangers in the Night~Sinatra~100 words,nearly.

Then, there were three.

The boy with the typical stud air about him, approached her,she looked on apprehensively.

She nodded and moved away. He followed her but i asked him to let her be,he gave me a dirty look and when i tried to obstruct the way,he shoved and hurled some abuses towards me.

He lunged towards her but she turned and pushed her hand towards his face. His body stiffened and he fell forward as she moved away with a sneer.

Chloroform-our weapon of choice.

We patted him down,stripped him off his valuables and also clothes-for good measure.

She seductively gave a peck on my lips.

We were a good team.

All this in a span of two minutes.

We had to go back to our earlier stance of being strangers in the night.


She was not in love with him,she only loved the idea of him-she tried to convince herself.The person she thought he was,how could she have known that it was forbidden,in a normal world-perhaps- this was common knowledge.But this was CAR-Central African Republic- normal was a mere ephemeral word that the politicians spat out when inquired about the state.He was the rebel soldier who had raped his mother years ago,he was her father.They had committed incest,she cried bitterly as she cut herself.

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Thursday, 2 January 2014


I started reading the journal-

"Age,experiences and an open mind make you more judgemental in a more subtle manner.

I judge a certain person more harshly for i see in retrospect what he did.

I understand it.

When you realise that a certain person has started repulsing you then everything about that person disgusts you or brings about a deluge of emotions within you.

Small things make you angry.
Perhaps,it is also because as you have aged you aee their weaknesses and flaws,vices that you cannot tolerate.

She was right when she said that you cannot love people when you judge them.

As i judge him and he has had a bearing on my life,on all levels,i do not love him.

I have a feeling of kinship. I will always be there but small things will continue to repulse me. 

Perhaps,it is because i am disappointed beyond belief in him.

Perhaps,it is the constant disinterest.

The patronising manner. The condescending shit that is poured onto me even though,he is the one with a secret,perhaps or just a a big screw up.

He tried and he failed. I can forgive him for that,but i cannot overlook the garguntum ego,the impatience,the close mindedness and ultimately,the fact that he refuses to believe in me. The egomaniac believes that he has it right and everyone else is a moron,a closed off mind.
The emotional scarring and the dismissive nature that persists till date will haunt me forever.

I refuse to let him know that he might have been right about certain things because it will feed his inflated ego.

I refuse to discuss anything with him,for he will mock and patronise. Laugh. Make me feel small.

I cringe everytime i realise that a particular trait in me is like him,i do not want that,i cannot. Will not. 

Parenting 101,he did not get it right."

So much anger. 



Even though the movement is complete. 
The transition is complete.

The feeling has not sunk in,as of yet or so i would like to believe-for there has to be more of a reaction,right?

A reaction to being uprooted.

Is that reaction diminished when things are too far still in the air or is it the numbness that overwhelms you?

Normal things and events seem so faraway from my family's grasp. 
It makes them more precious but i guess that it is not supposed to be this way.

It is astounding that so much can happen yet we keep standing. Fighting. 
For another day.

It is a lot,right?