Friday, 24 January 2014

Life and Rain

She cussed as she got out of the car. It had come to a halt after a screeching noise. A flat tyre. 

He could not see a thing from across the windshield. It was pouring torrentially. 

She called him and asked him for help. 

This is where she had called him.

It had been over an hour and it was raining,now. She was reading when she heard a thumping noise being added to the gushing water noises. 

He got out of the car in order to take a better look. He moved a yard ahead,only to be confronted by a man with a glazed look in his eyes. He was holding something long.

She was getting uneasy. The thumping noise could bot possibly be of the rain but she was afraid of getting wet,hail gave her bruises.

He did not see her. He tried but all he could muster was darkness.

She forced herself to step out,trying to sheild herself by holding a book over her head. She walked a few steps away from the car,on instinct and stumbled over something warm. 
Screaming,as she realised that it was a body. She ran towards the door when a strange scene met her eyes-a man was using her car as a trampoline.. 
He was holding a head.. It had to be a doll.. 
She was violently sick when she realised that it was a severed head. 
She fainted when she realised that it was him.

The loon from the asylum,watched her with glee as he showed off his prize. He was fascinated by how quickly the book soaked and floated away. 

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  1. Wow - was totally gripped by this. If you're a regular writer a blogger by the name of Vicky Welton has a blog called Verily Victoria Vocalises and she has a weekly linky on a Thursday called Prose4T where poetry and prose are posted by other bloggers. Would love to see you link up - popping over from Ultimate blogging challenge

    1. Done.
      I will see you there this Thursday.

  2. oh gruesome. dropping by from UBC.

  3. Whatever made this story pop into your head? Isn't the imagination wild?

  4. A twisted mind can bring out the wildest parts of the imagination to the fore.

  5. Develop it a little, was the disjointed format a conscious decision? word limit or theme restricted you? Has a lot of potential, you can work more on this genre.

  6. Word limit was restrictive ma'am.
    Had to edit and make it disjointed but then i went along with it,for it gave it a more choppy feel.

    Thank you so much.

    This comment means the most.