Sunday, 1 December 2013

100 words-Nearly.

As he came across the shanties on his way to the rehabilitation centre- he averted his eyes.

Danny observed as people came out clean about their lives.

Their stories were not in stark contrast with what his parents said-but they were not parasites of the society.

They had been workers, had paid taxes in their good days-then the recession had hit.

The system had failed them-it lured them and then tore them apart.

They lost their job and everything due to the crunch in the economy that led to a domino effect-everything was lost.

He left his home and trust fund.

The tear stained faces in that discussion moved him to find the largest socialist party,within a year.


  1. We live in tough times and dunno who to trust. Great take, Tarusha and sadly, the capitalist system has looted many who toiled hard to build a life.

  2. The depressing tales of recession....the nightmare among nightmares!

  3. The end of the wonderful post is a ray of hope, a socialist party. Hope he succeeds.

  4. Hey,
    Thanks a lot.
    There is always hope-which can be considered a transgression by the best of us at times.
    I feel that it is a better world for corporations than people.
    Let us just see how things pan out for each of us:)