Sunday, 8 December 2013


She told me this one day and ultimately convinced me regarding her perspective-we were discussing memories,as we were rummaging through photographs. This is sans my dialogue.

"A sense of smell triggering a memory is something that is not felt in the same degrees by one and all.

It is amazing how a certain sense of smell is associated with every person I know and cherish.
It is a sense of security.
It is an all knowing sense that they are there.

A puke ridden blanket is best thrown away for the smell never really fades and then comes the visual,not pleasant,huh?

Now.that we have moved from two extremes and I have given you hayride of emotions -let's explore the darker side of smell that has been seared into our heads due a bad experience,a dark experience.

I-for one-start getting anxious as soon as i smell a certain kind of tobacco. It is a smell that i associate with a person who violated me. And then again.

Auditory sense,more often than not triggers a memory hence the delectable smell of certain foods makes us nostalgic for the home that was and never would be again or of certain people.

Smell and memory.

It is all encompassing and it is more than just a reek or whiff at times.

For the some of us."

I was left ruminating for a while.


  1. Smell and memory - That's some heavy duty stuff right there. But you're spot on. It's amazing how smells trigger memories :)

  2. Yup:)
    Auditory triggers are so underrrated.

  3. sense of smell associated with a person?...I have to bath more frequently ;)

    When you consciously realize that, isn't it better to try and replace it? We only live once!

  4. :D
    That is too simple.
    Nah,if it brings a sense of security,why would one replace it?