Sunday, 8 December 2013


I have always maintained that i would want to go away from that house,that city.

I maintain that stand,that house is full of bad to worse memories but it is an emotional setback and a scar for my parents,siblings and me.

It is not materialistic.

It is emotional,the fact that it would bring them down a notch,perhaps.

But,perhaps not for the house-new house-is notch better according to papa.

I do believe that a home is not brick and stones but the people.

My home would always be where ma is.


But then there is a vast difference in between being dragged into an arena to face death or to walk into it with your face held high.

In a way,we are doing both-we are moving for the better but there is no ultimate solution-hence,we are moving out with our heads held high but we are being forced to do it.

It would have been just the latter if we chose to leave on our accord,today-we are left with no choice.

Being bereft of choice always hurts.

Pain is immense.


  1. I am guessing this is about marriage and particularly arranged marriage. Correct me if i am wrong.
    So you chose to leave on your accord as in anticipated arranged marriage or love marriage?

  2. No no,this is not so metaphorical.
    Random ramblings.
    But you have shed light on a new perspective:)