Friday, 4 April 2014


These are the ones who rob us,not just financially but also emotionally.
They were the elite with the higher echelons at their beck and call.
Took away my sense of security and shook me out of my reverie.
A curveball so hard that it knocked me out,while in the process of recovery-I got bludgeoned by them,again.
This time around,I lost all feeling-went on doing what was expected of me,like an automaton.
Time heals,perhaps but for me my words will be my therapy.
I wait in the shadows to strike,perhaps, while my deeply seated hatred and indifference turns me into them.
Ah,the ruiners. 
Woe betide'em.


  1. Exactly my feeling. Beautifully weaved:)

  2. Dreadfully honest. Excellent. Thank you.

    Visiting from A to Z Challenge & will return. Loved As If (