Friday, 18 April 2014


They were way too different from one another.
Opposites,some might say.
She hastened her pace.
Her wheezing sounded so loud,in the quiet of that moonlit and foggy night. 
I need to get there,she thought.
Her load seemed lighter as she half ran and half walked to her destination.

They fell in love.
The stereotypes were replayed right in front of her.
Gradually,it unravelled.
It had to for she had started being herself.
This was not the person he had fallen for.
She had varied interests which were nothing like his.
A mundane life,he craved.

She entered the local sheriff's premise.
It had just not worked out,she thought.
He wanted to be more adventurous. 
They decided to indulge in some sadism.
Mild strangulation et al.
Well,we took the ultimate step today.

She is carrying a head!
They yelled as the officers surrounded her,aiming their guns at her heart.
He was not as adventurous in life or death,she simply said with not a single
expression escaping her eyes.

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