Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Men and Women

Are men and women really that different?

Before you run screaming about stereotypes riddled articles,wait.

This was perhaps brought about by the recent SC order-for the uninitiated,SC wants the state to extend transgendered people all the rights and also,there would be reservation for them in jobs.

This great news got me thinking about gender roles and the stereotypes ans notions that are associated with genders.

These notions are drilled into our heads from the very beginning,as children we are given gender specific toys.

We are told that talking or walking a certain way is not okay for we are of the opposite sex.

We are asked to watch shows that are gender specific too-the boys will watch wrestling and girls will watch all the pink unicorn shows.

Games-video-have been designed like that too.

Is it any wonder that teenagers and adolescents are uncomfortable in their skin?

They are not sure at times because just because you were born with a dick-it does not mean that you ought to be more macho and feel the need to protect everyone.

We need to stop telling our children that girls cry and boys never do. 

We need to make sure that we never tell our sons that he throws a punch like a girl.

As we grow up,we are segregated further,clothes,toiletries and what not.

Seen the reent Head and Shoulder's ad?
The blatant sexism is appalling.

Why does our government not ban that?
As it stands bleeping out words like-virginity and blurring out cleavage.

This pertinent of this issue is that gender is something all inside our head.
We might be born a way but we might identify with another.
If not that then we might feel inclined to be a certain way and still retain the gender but our knacks are considered too off for our gender?

Uncomfortable and confused,people lose perspective.

We are raising boys who grow up under so much pressure to be a certain way that they act up. 
They do not know how to interact with the opposite sex.

We really need to raise our kids,just asking them to be themselves.

Not according to the genitals that they carry.

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