Monday, 7 April 2014

Finding Meaning

She was finding meaning in all the things that appalled her.
This was her mission. A resolution,perhaps.
She went to a circumcision ceremony,for a both the sexes. Performed by quacks,it was a recipe for disaster. 
Females have to be sliced because it is a cleansing ritual,lest they turn into harridans who sleep around.
Chopping of the clitoris,blood and bandages. 
We have clip the extra skin-it is necessary,they said,otherwise-it is impure. 
Blood and bandages again.
She went to meet war veterans. They had a few regrets but mostly were indignant that they do not get their due. 
Was there any meaning in all that you went through?
They had no answer apart from patriotism or propaganda.
She visited a brothel,asked the pimp whether she ever felt bad about the girls she sold out,on an hourly basis. 
Her anger and bitterness were palpable when she said that her pimp showed no mercy.
So,again,she went to another but all she did was shoo her away. 
The last one was politically correct,she smiled ruefully and pointed at their kids,but i pressed on-she reasoned that it was all freewill at least in her premises.
I moved on. 
The blank stares followed me.
She went to talk a male pimp but he uttered abuses and said that it was all business. 
Another wielded a knife at her.
How do people become desensitised?
Here are two parallels to do with infliction. Motivators and culprits are different. 
The confusion reigned,her exercise came out with a jack,for results.