Sunday, 27 April 2014


She was blindfolded and taken behind a veil.
When her aunt had blindfolded her,she giggled and thought they would be playing a game.
A game,it was but of the most vicious kind.
She was made to lie on a stone bed,this is when the fear hit her. 
The blindfold was taken off and she let off a soft scream-the scene that unfolded around her was something that she had never seen.
Her various female relatives,singing in glee but somehow it all seemed very eerie.
There was a blunt razor there,a blade. 
They unclothed her,she started whimpering but they threatened with dire consequnces if they do not let them make her "pure" and sinfree.
They rubbed some herbs on her genitals,make believe anaesthetic it was and then the blade was brought down heavily on her clitoris.
The white shock of pain reverbated through her  every cell. 
Even in her daze,she thought-the amount of blood is not so much. 
She fainted while her kins patched and stitched her shut. 
She retained this memory,the pain and the helplessness against the restraints that she was put in-while she went in labour.
Her husband had slashed her when he impregnanted her and the scar tissue was hard. 
These were her last memories,as she bled to death.
Ironically,another female was born. 

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