Saturday, 12 April 2014

King-he was.

She knelt at his feet.
He asked her to go down further-prostrate.
Deaf to all her pleadings,he eyed her cleavage.
She was whimpering now.
King,he was-he shook his head,turning down the plea. 
He wanted to get a closer look at the undulating bodies.
Ravish them.
They stood by and pounced on her at his command-King,he was.
They ravaged her and she seemed to be catatonic. 
Too proud to scream.
This angered him-King,he was but he continued pleasuring himself for-King,he was.
When she lay on the floor bleeding,her eyes pierced through his and she simply asked-Why?
King,he was-he could do whatever he wanted.
His insecurity betrayed on his face,she laughed and he recoiled.
Her last words dethroned him-
you are more into screwing men and that is the only time when they would unclothe their member in front of you,she smiled.
Plunging the dark shard of glass into her jugular-He was left wishing he could go to the same place as she had.

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  1. Nice take on the letter K.
    Here is my take on the letter.
    Happy Blogging A to Z.